Founded in 2019 as a hobby stemming from an intense love of plants and art, Iron Ivy is for every plant lover.

With mass production taking over the world, it feels increasingly difficult to find things that are designed to last generations and are made with the wellness of the planet in mind. Kealey Bacic always had a passion for creating beautiful, functional objects but was appalled by the amount of wasted materials that are often involved in producing something from scratch. 

Iron Ivy sought to create designs that supported and encouraged a greener life from the start of production to packaging right up to the final product. Functional, beautiful objects that enhanced and promoted plants amazing qualities, and would last for generations.

Donning a pair of leather gloves and a welding mask, Kealey got to work in her parents tin shed in Rural NSW. Introduced to metal work at age 10 by her dad, she used the skills she learnt at the National Art School in Sydney to develop beautiful, functional pieces made with the planet in mind. 

Iron Ivy is on a mission to inspire change through a love of nature – encouraging creativity and experimentation with nature and appreciating Mother Earth. At Iron Ivy we believe that businesses of all sizes and individuals need to make a conscious effort to look after and nourish the planet. 

For more info on the process of creating Iron Ivy pieces please see our blog posts!