Best Low Maintenance Hanging Plants

Best Low Maintenance Hanging Plants

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Iron Ivy's

6 Easy-To-Care-For Hanging Pot Plants For Your Home Decor

Put the finishing touch on your home décor with these simple and stylish hanging pot plants! Read on to find the top 6 low-maintenance picks that work perfectly in any room.

When looking for the perfect hanging plant, It's in yours and the plants best interest to keep a few things in mind;

- Appearance - how does it look trailing down?
- Tolerance - does it like to hang and will it remain happy?
- Maintenance - is it going to need more care in a hanging pot?

Plant in White Circle Hanger

Rhipsalis (Any in the genus!)

AKA ‘Jungle cactus’ or ‘Orchid cactus’

This is one plant family that is seriously underrated! These plants are so easy to look after, so unusual looking and can put on an incredible display of flowers. All plants in the rhipsalis family are epiphytes, meaning in their natural environment they root themselves to other plants, usually trees (symbiotically, so there’s no harm to either plant). Because of this trait they hold plenty of moisture in their thick juicy foliage (hence the cactus nickname) and don’t require huge pots for their roots even when they get quite large. They can tolerate short dry periods so you don’t need to be checking on them every few days and they prefer a light, free draining potting mix over heavy, moisture retaining mixes so they’re a great choice for hanging! They’re also pet friendly so no need to worry about your fur baby playing with those enticing spaghetti strands!
 Ivy’s top picks - Rhipsalis eliptica, Rhipsalis puniciodiscus and Rhipsalis baciffera 

Pictured left- Rhipsalis eliptica in an Iron Ivy Large Circle Hanger.

Epipremnum aureum

'Your Classic 'Devils Ivy'

'Well, what’s so great about it? For starters they’re pretty cheap to buy and easy to find, hard to kill and come in an array of leaf patterns and colours. From the classic ever green leafy vines, to green and yellow splashes, creamy white and green patches to the platinum, highly sought after ‘manjula’. These plants are a great option for hanging in the home especially if your often forgetting to water them. The best part? They can tolerate pretty low light, while they won’t thrive and create a jungle in a day they will happily hang in the lower light areas of your home that many other plants will not.

Ivy’s top picks - Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’, Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen'.

Pictured right - Epipremnum aureum 'Snow Queen' in an Iron Ivy Twisted Arch Hanger.

Product image
Product image

Philodendron hederaceum

'Heart Leaf' Philodendron

A classic beauty.A great choice if you’re after a pot of cascading soft, lush greenery or vining around a large round frame. An easy going plant that loves soft filtered light and a good soak every now and then. Philodendron hederaceum is a loyal, trustworthy grower, prune this one if it get leggy and it’ll reward you with an abundance of new growth points.

Ivy’s top picks - Philodendron hederaceum ‘Jade’, ‘Brazil’ & ‘Goldilocks’ varieties.

Pictured left- Philodendron hederaceum 'Jade' in an Iron Ivy Triangle Hanger.


The Lipstick plant and The Goldfish plant!

Ok so I’ve put a sneaky duo in here because although they’re a little different they’re in the same family of gesneriades (gesneriaceae) while not every plant in the family is epiphyte, these two certainly are! They prefer a bright but indirect light, and while they tend to be thirsty plants when actively growing they do like an airy root zone! A potting mix with orchid bark, perlite or other light weight, organic media is perfect for them, they don’t like soggy roots!

Ivy’s top picks - Aeschynanthus Radicans ‘Black Pagoda’ & Columnea gloriosa.

Pictured right - Columnea gloriosa variegata in an Iron Ivy Sun Hanger.

Product image
Product image

Hoya's - All of them

''Wax Flower'

 They’re back baby! Popular in the 80’s these plants are also known as “wax flower” or “that plant my nana has had for 20 years on her front porch”. Hoyas are a great option if you’ve got a sunnier spot in your house that you want some greenery, while they will grow in lower light conditions their blooms are too spectacular to deprive yourself of and they do like a fair bit of light to produce their incredible ‘umbels’ of flowers - spheres of many tiny, sometimes fluffy, flowers. The great thing with Hoyas is that they can remain in the same pot for years. They can grow roots all along their stem which helps them to grow large and keep extending their vines even when there’s no room left in their pot.
Ivy’s Top Picks - Hoya Fungii, Hoya carnosa ‘Krimson Queen’

Pictured left - a blooming Hoya Shepperdii in an Iron Ivy Starburst Hanger.

Senecio rowleyanus

'String of Pearls' 

String of Pearls (senecio Rowleaynus) - This plant can really benefit from a hanging planter, with cascading plump little green beads, what’s not to love? This succulent is a favourite of many plant lovers but it can be a little tricky to not love this one too much, by that I mean they prefer to be neglected! Native to dry areas of South Africa, this plant doesn’t like to have wet feet for long periods. Those juicy little leaves are full of water, and when this plant gets too much water or not enough light it will start to drop them and the roots may start to rot. One way to keep them happy is to ensure they have plenty of air flow to the roots and a sunny position to keep them photosynthesising and water flowing through the plant. Hanging them in a windowsill or balcony can achieve just that, simulating their natural environment and allowing the plant the airflow and light it needs to thrive.

Pictured right - Senecio Rowleyanus in an Iron Ivy  Crescent Moon Hanger.

Product image

The wonderful thing about plants is that as long as we simulate their natural growing conditions, you can have a multitude of exciting varieties living happily in your home. Encouraging a space full of life, freshness and greenery. hanging your plant can free up space in your home, provide plants with a better light position and help with airflow around the plants. So go on, hang them here, there and everywhere!

Written by Kealey Bacic
Images by Kealey Bacic

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