Commercial Fit Out

Looking to add life to a commercial space?

We Can Help!

Retail, restaurant, outdoor setting feeling a little drab? We can help bring plant life to your space!

Pick from a range of designs we already have on offer or our team will work with you to create a custom piece that's built specifically for your space. At Iron Ivy we work out solutions to displaying plants efficiently and beautifully, we can assist you in finding the right plants for your space that will thrive and meet your level of maintenance.

Our custom packages are tailored to suit you and your needs and are dependant on your requirements and the details of the space. No job is too big or small, we love getting clever and creative with plants!

Why bring greenery indoors?

  • Plants are proven to reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Plants can help absorb background noise
  • Plants add life and "freshness" to a space
  • Working/ being around plants is therapeutic
  • Can be used as an attractive screen/covering.
  • Indoor plants are inviting

If you're looking to introduce some greenery into your commercial space we can help! click the contact button below to get in touch.