About Us

Iron Ivy was born of a love for nature and a passion for creating beautiful, green spaces. Kealey Bacic studied at the National Art School, obtaining a BFA majoring in sculpture and went on to work for some of Australia's most reputable brands such as Dinosaur Designs.

Iron Ivy was founded in 2019 when Kealey found immense joy while pottering around with her plants. in 2018 Kealey began studying horticulture with the goal of expanding her art practice. Her plant collection growing, Kealey dreamt of combining her loves of fine design, steel and plants together. A 'String of Pearls' plant inspired the first Cloud shape planter which soon gave way to more unique plant decor pieces. Iron Ivy quickly grew to be loved in the homes of many plant lovers worldwide. 

Iron Ivy's goal is to encourage creativity with plants and make them a cohesive part of your home decor. Having plants in your surroundings can improve mood and productivity, reduce anxiety and stress as well as helping to clean the air. 
Plus they can be incorporated into any decor style and look stunning.

The Process

Every Iron Ivy piece undergoes a lengthy and fine tuned process...

The Method - Attention to detail is a top priority, which is why designs are produced in small batches and not huge numbers. Our unique process allows for beautifully detailed, refined designs and provides creative potential for endless design possibilities.
The Process - Components are cut from solid steel, bent, welded and sanded to reveal clean and seamless joinery. Everything is then primed and powder coated in a range of versatile, classic colours.
The Result - Beautiful, well crafted pieces to last a life time! Iron Ivy pieces are designed to be customisable to suit your plant needs. Offering size options for pots and hooks, accessories and versatile styling options let your imagination run wild with whimsy and playful hangers or chic, minimal pieces.

Click here to see how to measure your pot to find the right size hanger.

Why Steel?

Steel is the most recyclable material on Earth. 

Recyclability - Due to its magnetic qualities it is easy to collect and can be recycled an infinite amount of times without losing its quality. Recycling steel uses 75% less energy than making steel from raw materials.
Longevity - Unlike timber which can deteriorate and rot over time, and plastic that can become brittle and end up in land fill, steel lasts forever and wont degrade from sunlight, tension or time - it just gets more character!
Light weight - Cutting from sheet steel makes our hangers thinner and lighter than other hangers on the market, while still being super strong!

Our Values

We believe Nature is the most beautiful and precious thing we all share. We must nurture it, protect it and treasure it.

- We believe nature has a place indoors, and it deserves to shine!
- Everyone of us has a responsibility to do what we can, where we can, to protect this planet, especially business.
- Sustainability should be at the forefront of the process, the product and the business.
- Design things to last or be recycled. Minimise wastage and maximise efficiency.
- We strive to create exceptionally crafted, beautiful objects that enhance and preserve the wondrous beauty of nature.