Care and Use Guide

Each Iron Ivy piece is hand finished, primed and powder coated to ensure they look amazing and last as long as your plants do.....hopefully years! To keep your goods looking their best follow this simple care guide. 


  • Metal is a strong, durable and long lasting material, however because of its hardness it can be susceptible to scratches if it comes in contact with other hard, sharp or abrasive materials. To prevent scratching the powder coating take care when positioning pots, do not drag or rotate to prevent scratching the protective finish.
  • To clean use a damp soft cloth to gently remove marks and dust. Do not use abrasive cloths, polishes or cleaners as this may scratch and dull the powder coat finish.
  • To keep your planter looking fresh and new, we suggest installing in indoor and sheltered outdoor areas only. Direct exposure to the elements may result in weathering or a dull colour over time. 
  • Each item has a suggested weight limit (see product description) we highly recommend not using pots heavier than is recommended as your piece may warp or bend over time. 

Hangers and Stands

  • When putting your hanger together take care to not let the pieces knock together, particularly when attaching the pot ring to the frame of your hanger (hook and screw models).
  • Clouds: Take care to not bend the frame when installing the pot ring, a slight tension is needed to create a secure fit. 
  • Make sure to give your hanger room to move. Your hanger may swing or turn a little when installed, to minimise chips and scratches ensure the hanger can’t bump into anything. 
  • When picking a pot for your new hanger or stand feel free to get creative! Try glazed ceramic, terracotta, plastic or metal. We do not recommend rough textured pots, likewise plant stands may scratch if placed on a rough surface. 


  • Trellis stakes are coated in a durable, clear rubber to protect the powder coating when in moist potting mediums for long periods of time and to prevent scratches from abrasive materials that may be in potting mediums. We find this rubber coating is softer on your plants root system too!
  • Take care to not bend the open round trellis’ larger or smaller as they are not an enclosed shape.