A purple and green vining plant (Cissuc Discolour) climbs a gold metal trellis in the shape of a DNA strand.

Maximize Your Plant's Potential: The Benefits of a Plant Trellis

Discover the amazing benefits of using a plant trellis for your indoor plants. Not only can a trellis enhance the aesthetic look of your plant, but they also support healthy growth, allow a plant to grow closer to a light source, and may improve the overall health of your greenery. From creating a lush oasis in your living space to maximizing your plant's potential, a plant trellis is a must-have for any indoor gardener. Explore the benefits of using a plant trellis and see how it can transform your indoor garden.
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To Trellis Or
Not to Trellis?

Discover the benefits of a beautiful and functional support for your plants

Maximize Your Plant's Potential: The Benefits of a Plant Trellis

At Iron Ivy, we believe that every plant deserves the chance to thrive and reach its full potential. That's why we offer a wide range of high-quality trellises that provide the support and structure that plants need to climb and vine. Not only do trellises help to keep your plants healthy and strong, but they also add a touch of style and sophistication to your living spaces.

What is a Trellis? A trellis is any structure that support a plant as it grows. They generally have stakes that are gently pushed into the soil or potting mix in a plant pot and the plant is tied or clipped onto it to 'train' the plant which direction to grow in until it attaches itself to the trellis.

Three mini metal plant trellises, the first is arch shaped, the second a squiggle shape the third a circle, each in a plant in a black plastic plant pot
A hand holding two black silhouettes of hands as plant trellises, one is a rock hand symbol the other is doing the peace sign

Trellises are particularly beneficial for indoor plants, as they can give them the support they need to climb and vine without taking up too much space. By training your plants to climb a trellis, you can create a stunning visual display that adds a touch of nature to your walls and living spaces.
Some of the most popular indoor plants that benefit from a trellis include Epipremnum (Pothos), Philodendron, Monstera (Swiss Cheese), Hedera Helix (English Ivy), and ceropegia (Chain of Hearts/Spades). These plants are known for their ability to climb and vine, and with the right support, they can grow to impressive heights and create a stunning visual display. Plants may even change physically as they mature and climb, many Monsteras and Epipremnums develop fenestrations (round holes in the leaves), some Ceropegias may change their leaf shape and over all growth habit, and some philodendrons increase their leaf size dramatically.

3 different shaped gold plant trellises with solid gold stars dotted on them.a variegated hoy, green hoya and a fiddle leaf fig are supported by each trellis.
three grey terracotta plant pots with a black steel round trellis, LArge, small and mini from left to right. Green and variegated ivy grows around them.

Using a trellis is particularly important if you have a plant that requires a lot of support, such as a heavy vining plant or a plant that grows tall quickly. Quite often indoor plants don't receive optimal light or their light source is from a nearby window. Plants in these conditions may stretch towards the light and become top heavy, leggy or lop sided. Without a trellis, these plants can become weak and floppy, and may even break under their own weight. By providing them with the right support, and moving them a little closer to their light source, you can ensure that they stay healthy and strong.  

In addition to providing support, trellises also help to keep your plants tidy and looking their best. By training your plants to grow in a certain direction, you can create a beautiful and optimized display that elevates the overall aesthetic of your living space. When left to their own devices some plants may become tangled like a barrel of monkeys (I'm looking at you Chain of Hearts...) A trellis can be an easy way to keep those vines under control. Heart shaped trellises are a perfect option for small leaf plants like the chain of hearts as they fill the shape of the trellis as they grow and can be wrapped around continuously. 

At Iron Ivy, we offer a wide range of trellises that are designed to suit any style or decor. From minimalist and modern to playful and unique, we have a trellis that is perfect for your home. Our trellises are made from high-quality materials and are functional and beautiful pieces that are designed to last, ensuring that your plants have the support they need to thrive for years to come. 

Check out what Trellises we have in store today!

The Ivy Round Trellis Trio Large, Small and Mini size from left to right in grey terracotta plant pots and variegated ivy

Plant Trellises

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