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Miniature Brass Alocasia Micholitziana (Elephant Ear)

Miniature Brass Alocasia Micholitziana (Elephant Ear)

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Hand crafted

100% Brass

Zero watering necessary!

The PERFECT addition to any plant parents collection, and this one wont ever throw a tantrum or need watering! This Miniature Alocasia Micholitziana sculpture stands at just 8 cm tall and is made of 100% brass (exc. pot). Exquisitely hand crafted, each leaf is shaped by hand, with an antique black patina to highlight all its beautiful details, soldered together and finally sealed to keep its lustre. This sculpture comes with a magnetic black base plate.


- Brass, solder, clay, glue, vinyl.

Handmade by Kealey Bacic (Iron Ivy)

Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity


recycled steel, powder coat.

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